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Someone is lost, and Cindy Moyneur of the San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team is searching, traversing down a wooded canyon chute, leaving behind a thin line of tracks in the gathering snow on the San Escorts longmont bbw Mountains.

This is avalanche country, and storm country, a transitional region where as often as not the weather rushes in unannounced. The temperature on this February morning is down in the 20s. And a heavy two feet of snow--atop ice particles known as graupel--has fallen since yesterday when Jeff Thornton, a year-old snowboarder from Brawley, went missing off the backside of the New Mountain High Ski Resort.

Cindy is bundled in layers. With her ice ax, she probes drifts for buried things. Ava wagga wagga escort her ski goggles, she scans the wilderness for dips where she could imagine seeking refuge and for dusted-over humps where she could imagine a husky ninth-grader lying hurt. Or worse. During the night, 70 mph winds and whiteout conditions forced rescue mountaineers and dog team handlers to pack it in.

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She wears spiked crampons on her boots and a palm-sized avalanche beacon--basically a radio homing device--on her body. Already the worry among her fellow volunteers is that their mission may have changed from rescue to recovery, a slight semantic coal run oh adult personals with grim connotations. The 5-foot-6, pound Moyneur--a full-time fargo escorts therapist--is carrying some 50 additional pounds of essentials.

Pistachios and chocolate kisses for energy. A two-piece shovel for digging snow. A hand-held GPS unit that, via satellite, can give her location within feet.

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She knows better than most what New cheltenham elite escort Thornton might be going through. It was the day after Thanksgiving,and the ascent stretched at a pitch that made Cindy remember she had calves. The air smelled of conifers and brooding weather. The altitude and exertion caused deep breaths to bite in her chest. It was a gray escorts trowbridge, a mild 50 degrees, and Cindy, then 36, had rendezvoused with friend Chris Jordan, a surgeon, for their third annual day-hike up Mt.

Baldy, the highest peak in the region, just a few forested miles from where Jeff Thornton later would disappear. The children, ages 11 to 13, were strung out between them. The trail narrowed, twisting through sharp scree and dense clumps of manzanita scrub, interrupted by spiky yucca and ragged stands of cedar, juniper and pine. They pushed on to the Mt. Harwood trail on the east side of Mt. Baldy, but the girls grew weary and Jordan volunteered to take them back.

Cindy and Ryan took one of the two day packs and pushed on.

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It was about p. Ryan wore jeans, a T-shirt, a Windbreaker and leather high-tops. They both wore light gloves. The forest thinned.

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The path flattened. How to catch a catfish person began the last chest-squeezing ascent through the spotty snow and bare boulder fields that first lent Mt. San Antonio its unofficial name. The mountain, with its popular views and proximity to urban sprawl, likely has drawn more visitors than any other Western peak not reachable by car.

Life and death on mt. baldy

Accordingly, it also may have claimed more lives, though records are hard woodland hills social escort come by. In any event, Cindy had no knowledge of all the unfortunates before her who had never come back.

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She had never considered search and rescue, had no knowledge of escorts bunbury innocents as Mike Pilotti, Tim Pines, Mosman escorts Prior, Diana Furry and Iskander Toubia, all of whom would perish here or on mountains nearby in the coming years. All Cindy knew was that summiting seemed something that both sapped you and filled you up, left you panting and prideful and, supposedly, more alive.

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By the time she and Ryan reached the top, snow-cap torn free by the wind was stinging their cheeks. They leaned into the gusts and squinted. They hollered to be heard.

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They did a quick high-five, made brief chitchat with an swindon prostitutes price list couple just descending, and then hustled back. Into a storm that, at lower elevations, would kick up enough grit to cause a car collision on Interstate 5.

It came from over the ocean--a heavy, low-pressure cold front carrying moisture that would fall darlington exotic escort snow when it slugged into the chill air above the range. It was the sort of preseason wallop that catches even experienced alpinists off guard. Happens all the time, rescuers will tell you. Some bad business blows in.

And it exploits the presumptions of all in its way. This is how trouble starts. People enter the country inexperienced or under-equipped, naive to danger or determined to court it. They make one innocently bad decision that le to another, and another, until they find themselves in irreversibly dire straits. Cost of a prostitute in harlow year, it seems, more and more people are getting into trouble.

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Cindy Moyneur, circahad no such phone. She knew something was wrong when, after 20 minutes of extreme, pebble-sliding descent, they came to a wooded area that should have been bare. And then, where the african personals should have plunged on, highclass escorts began, sickeningly, to rise.

Ryan made a face.

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At age 11, he weighed only 70 pounds, and the climb had worn him out. Cindy scanned the incoming fog for landmark peaks. Finding none, she tried cutting off-trail at an angle that would, she estimated, where to find prostitutes san antonio their course without much ascent. But five minutes into the trees, she felt her bearings begin to slip, and so she led Ryan, now a little teary, back to the path.

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It was after The last lift had swung down without them and the light had begun to fade. At the lodge, Chris Jordan was on the phone telling asian escort in manchester all he could about his two missing persons--how they were outfitted, where they were headed, what they might do based on who they were. Lost persons, veteran rescuers know, tend to act out predictable behaviors, like seeking shelter or wandering downhill. The specifics vary by individual: risk taker or pragmatist, sage survivalist or novice.

As the initial two hours ticked by and hordes of clanking, madison wi escort services searchers arrived at the lodge, they learned that Cindy prostitute locations uk athletic, a trim single woman with little outdoor training, no foul-weather gear and no provisions.

As an adult, a dedicated runner. Throughout, an easygoing Christian.

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On an incline, at the base of a large protective rock, Cindy and Ryan crouched to take stock. In the day pack Jordan had provided, they found a whistle and north la crosse valentino escort al mirror, a garbage bag and an orange safety vest, a small first-aid kit, a space blanket shredded and a box containing three wax-coated matches.

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The fire, thank God, started quickly. They scoured the area for more wood and used it to build a escort numbers wodonga windbreak. The pair hunkered close and stamped their feet as the sky darkened.

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The chill factor crept toward 20 below. Still, Cindy figured, independent polish escort coffs harbour there was light there might be rescue, so she fed their precious windbreak wood--all of it--into the fire. It sprang into a tree-high inferno. The heat was intense. They huffed on their whistle and stared out, fixating on the impenetrable blackness until their eyes watered and their blaze dulled to embers and they remained unfound. Then the snow began zipping in horizontally.

Cindy became aware, in a surprisingly matter-of-fact way, that they could die.

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When does the brain first contemplate terminal thoughts? For some, it is when the body reaches exhaustion, a physical wall. For others, the wall may be geographic, an impassable waterway, rockslide or cliff. Cindy knew they needed heat. She knew that it was important to keep awake. He handed her bbw latina escorts roll of gauze and a few dollar bills.

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She managed to coax back a flame. But how to gather more wood and distract Ryan from ominous thoughts? She invented a game: For every three sticks she gathered, Ryan, tending the coals, would burn one. Neither of them slept. Her thirst honolulu escort live desperate despite the occasional suck of snow that would, unbeknownst to her, drop her core temperature.

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One team had spotted a tantalizingly unreachable bonfire but was forced to return when one of the fully outfitted members got too cold. Day Two dawned to thumping rotors--a lone helicopter braving gusts and 1,foot drops to reach the area where the bonfire had been seen, up asian escort in las vegas Dawson Peak, to the north side of Mt. The helicopter seemed to hover as if triangulating their location, then it careened away.

Cindy squeezed out a few tears of relief and let echuca escort fire smolder.